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Amazing List of Caffeine Free Teas

by Nick Scheindelen
caffeine free tea

Are you sensitive to caffeine or do you like to enjoy a nice cup of tea before bedtime? Decaf tea or in other words caffeine free tea is what you might be looking for.

In general coffee does contain more caffeine. However did you know that the leaves of tea contain even more caffeine? The process of making coffee uses hotter water. Therefore extracting more caffeine from the beanes. Nonetheless tea still contains a fair amount of caffeine. We created a list for you of teas without caffeine. 

Before we start we wish to answer some of the most common questions around caffeine free tea. This might clear some things up for you.

Is green tea caffeine free?

Green tea is a well known tea and commonly considered with a lot of health benefits from drinking. However green tea does naturally contain caffeine. Although not caffeine free it has considerably less caffeine then a cup of coffee. 

The tea is a great replacement for coffee as a morning beverage. Green tea contains L-theanine which combined with caffeine creates a more sustained energy boost throughout the day.

Is chamomile tea caffeine free?

This tea comes from the daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. A well known tea before bedtime and for caffeine sensitive tea drinkers. Does that mean it’s a decaf tea? Yes, naturally this tea does not come with caffeine.

Does herbal tea contain no caffeine at all?

Yes, nearly all herbal tea like chamomile, ginger, peppermint and sage tea is caffeine free. 

So let’s get to the caffeine free tea list. All teas in this list contain no caffeine and can be called decaf tea. Perfect for a late night beverage just before bedtime. A healthy choice for a caffeine free drink.

1. Natural Herbal Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea, also known as red tea or red bush tea is an amazing herb for decaf tea. Not only does it contain many benefits for your health. The herb can only only be found in the cape district of south africa. Rooibos tea is decaffeinated naturally making it a perfect beverage for any time of the day.

2. Welsh Moonlight Tea

This tea is a blend of peppermint & liquorice based herbal tea. Not only is it a decaffeinated tea it also has great taste and a calming effect. This is also vegan friendly.

3. Greek Mountain Tea

This tea is made from a self-grown herb. It has many healthy benefits such as anti-inflammatory effects and could have a mild effect on pain relief. However this is not why it's in this list. Greek Mountain Tea is not only great for your body but also contains no amount of caffeine.

4. Peppermint Willamette

Of course peppermint is the most appreciated in the mint family. The mint has a great refreshing taste and also can aid digestion by consuming before or after lunch or diner. The mint is naturally free from caffeine making it a perfect drink before bedtime or any of the day.

5. Rose petal tea (Rosa Damascena)

The Rosa Damascena, a variety in the Rose petal category, has a large amount of beneficial ingredients for the body and soul. Called the ‘queen’ of Rose petals due to it’s high amount of quality oil of all. Rich in various amounts of minerals. Therefore chosen by us in combination with its natural caffeine free property as a perfect decaf tea

6. Ginger Tea 

This tea is added for giving any tea a natural unique flavour. It also can be boiled into its own tea by only using ginger leaves. These leaves contain no caffeine naturally. Also interesting to mention is that ginger tea hydrates unlike other traditional teas who act like a diuretic. 

7. Sage Tea

Made from the sage plant its leaves can be used to boil tea. However the leaves are also used to extract culinary herbs and essential oils. Sage tea has a sweet flavour and gives a warm feeling. Making a perfect drink for in between meals. 


Many herbs are caffeine free or have very low doses of it. However, always consult your doctor before deciding to choose one of our many herbs and teas from our list and online shop. Some herbs can cause serious side-effects in combination with certain medicine.