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Healthy Eating, Healthy Living - The Seasoning Pantry

by Admin Doe


We are going through strange times now, with many of us restructuring our professional and personal lives, adapting to lockdown measures and practicing physical distancing. On top of that, gym trainings or outdoor football games may have been cancelled for the rest of 2020.

That is why we need to focus our attention on other means to maintain or improve our health status. While training in the living room may be possible, it is more likely that that bag of chips or that soda can are just more appealing, more comforting and more tempting.

Thus, a healthy lifestyle starts with what we eat. How do you start eating healthy, you ask? Begin with collecting pertinent information from licensed nutritionists or doctors specializing in nutrition; organize your meals in terms of content (based on any medical conditions you may suffer from) and schedule (at home, at work, in the city); buy smart when at the supermarket; supplement your food-related efforts with appropriate water intake; begin/continue/increase physical exercise, after consulting your personal physician.

A healthy lifestyle means balancing all the aspects mentioned before. However, do not mistake healthy eating with dieting: diversified meals in reasonable quantities sum up to healthy eating; dieting, on the other hand, implies restricting calories amounts, often to the detriment of diversified meals. The food you consume will ultimately cover not only your nutritional needs, but also your emotional needs; food doesn’t only nourish you, it also provides joy, calm and a state of wellbeing. Start browsing our website and look for the spices and seasoning blends that will enrich your culinary experiences.

In general, there are 2 main food groups: foods that can be eaten on a daily basis (even several times a day), and foods that should be eaten 2-3 times a week.

The basic foods include potatoes, rice, pasta, dairy products (milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese; not fermented cheeses), vegetables (raw or steamed, without any restrictions).

Poultry, beef, pork, fish and sea fruit should be eaten 2-3 times a week, with portions no bigger than one’s own palm. Beans, lentils, chickpeas and soy should be eaten 2 times a week. Other food groups that should be consumed in moderation (2-3 times a week) include fermented cheeses, eggs, deserts, fruits (even raw fruits should be eaten in moderation; and they should not be consumed as juices), dry nuts (walnuts, almonds, pistachio, pumpkin seeds or sun flower seeds). With us, you can find the right sauces or herbs for your meat or veggies, chilies that will take your sea fruits to the next level, as well as salts and sugars to finish off your dish.

What does smart shopping entail? Again, it all starts with planning: a week’s worth of shopping will ensure your finances’ stability, as well as your nutritional balance. Complement your current pantry items and fridge contents with your new shopping, remember to check the expiry date of all products, and most importantly, try to use a shopping list, rather than buying on a whim whatever is on display, appealing to your palate.

Scheduling your meals will also help prevent unwanted food intake: aim to include 3-5 meals in your day, both main meals and snacks. A balanced distribution of the different types of foods across meals in a day and across the span of a week will also ensure that your calorie intake doesn’t surpass the daily recommendations. There are several tools available for calorie counting: phone apps are the digital option, another would be simply checking the foods’ wrappings, as producers are bound to report these numbers broken down for all nutritional groups.

When it comes to preparing the food, oven cooking is easier to digest, can be stored for a longer time, and last but not least, is more flavoursome and aromatic. The Seasoning Pantry has everything and anything you need, so take your time to navigate our carefully selected products and begin your culinary adventures with us.

And, if you are already doing most of these things, remember to tell your workmates, your friends or family to do so, as well. Eat healthy, stay healthy!


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