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How to make jasmine tea with milk

by Nick Scheindelen

Jasmine tea is usually drunk with green tea scented with the aroma of jasmine blossoms. Although green tea is used commonly with jasmine other teas like white tea, black or oolong tea are used as well. 

Flavour of jasmine tea is a subtle sweetness, strong floral taste and is highly fragrant. However it also depends on where jasmine is grown and what tea is used for the base of the jasmine tea.

how jasmine tea is made with milk

There are various ways how jasmine tea is made. You can make it even without any other tea. You can add various other ingredients to it like vanilla, chocolate and other sweeteners. For starters we will make a common jasmine tea based on green tea.


Green tea with jasmine flowers

Water, preferably filtered

Yes, it’s that simple to create a basic and amazing drink based on jasmine flowers. Start boiling the water and if you have an electric kettle set it to 175°F. If you boil jasmine tea for too long in very hot water you’ll get a more bitter taste.

In general it’s best to keep the teapot at a stable temperature. When you have boiled the water, throw some of it’s boiled water in the teapot. Swirl it around to heat up the tea pot. When done throw out the water and add the jasmine tea in the teapot. Finally add the hot water.

Close the tea pot and steep the water for another 3 minutes. This will make sure the green tea with jasmine flowers is distributed all throughout the water. Creating that lovely delicious taste with every cup of tea. Don’t let it steep for too long as the tea will start to get a more bitter taste. 

Now strain the leaves and pour in your nice cup of hot jasmine tea!

Adding milk to our jasmine tea recipe

1 tablespoon of brown sugar (or brown sugar)

your prefered creamer. We use whole milk in this recipe.

To add milk to our recipe, fill your cup of jasmine tea at ¾ of it’s maximum. First we will add our sweetener. Then we follow up with our creamer. Pour in the creamer you wish to add (in our case the whole milk). Enjoy your cup of jasmine milk green tea!

How does jasmine milk tea taste like

The tea isn’t as trendy as it could be. The taste is very delicate, sweet and has a smoothness over it due to the addition of milk. The tea is also known as jasmine bubble tea or jasmine boba tea. It’s taste is very similar to oolong tea but has a bit more delicate taste to it. Also has a bit more sweetness to it. 

jasmine tea benefits

As with a lot of other teas, jasmine tea contains lots of antioxidants that are healthy for your body. This has mainly to do with the addition of the green, white or black teas added as a base for the tea.

The jasmine flowers themselves are used for various medicinal reasons. One of the common uses is the sedative effect. It has a calming effect on humans and in some cases used as an aphrodisiac. In earlier years jasmin has also been used as a herbal remedy for various abdominal diseases and pains.

In the current days research on jasmine has shown some positive effect on various diseases and pain. These include helping with skin problems, cancer, liver issues and healing mouth / sore mouth / cold sore problems. 

does jasmine does contain caffeine

Jasmine flowers do not contain any caffeine naturally. However the blossoms are used in tea blends where the base of the jasmine tea is used with a caffeine based tea. To make sure if your jasmine tea contains any caffeine please check your product details.

where to buy jasmine tea

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