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Seller Terms and Conditions

Before you start…


The Seasoning Pantry is an online marketplace for producers of spices, teas and seasoning herbs to sell their products to buyers all across the world.

We wish to create a safe and user-friendly marketplace and we require our sellers to comply with the following rules when they list their products online.

Please notice that these rules are a part of the Terms and Conditions for using our marketplace. By creating a seller account on our platform, you are agreeing to these rules and our Terms and Conditions.


Items for selling

We welcome vendors to sell the following classes of products:

-       Spices

-       Herbs

-       Seasoning blends

-       Sauces

-       Chilies

-       Peppercorns

-       Salts

-       Sugars

-       Teas

-       Smoking chips

We emphasize that items sold on The Seasoning Pantry must comply with hygiene standards and should not pose any risks to human health or safety.

We also reserve the right to reevaluate what items are and are not allowed to be sold on our platform. If certain items violate these rules or pose any risk to the buyers, our team will remove the items from the catalog, even if not listed below.


Prohibited items

The following items cannot be sold on The Seasoning Pantry:

-       forbidden items, such as: illegal items, that do not comply with laws in your country/jurisdiction

-       counterfeit items (false or unauthorized duplicates of real items)

-       samples or promotional items that you received for free

-       cosmetics or cosmetic accessories

-       prescription medication or products, vitamins or supplements

-       drugs, drug paraphernalia, tobacco and tobacco products

-       items that promote violence, discrimination, hatred or crime


We do not allow the selling of products on The Seasoning Pantry that do not relate to The Seasoning Pantry vision. All of the above-mentioned items, as well as other products that do not fit in our accepted categories (see online catalog), will not be allowed for selling and will be removed from the online catalog by our team. In addition, by advertising any prohibited items listed above (beware, the list is not exhaustive), we reserve the right to suspend your seller account for a determined period of time.


The Seasoning Pantry goal is to provide the best quality of service content to our buyers. Therefore, we also require our sellers to adhere to our standards of content quality. If your listed items do not follow the rules included herein, we reserve the right to remove them from the online catalogue. We will notify you when this is done and the reason why it was done. You may update your listing and repost it, provided it is of desired quality.

Repeated offences may lead to the suspension of your seller account for a determined period of time or indefinitely.


Intellectual property rules

It is strictly forbidden to sell counterfeit items on our platform. By counterfeit items, we refer to products that copy the name of a brand, logo or trademark, without the authorization of the initial producer. You should only upload and sell items that you know for sure are authentic. Disclaimers of uncertainty on the part of the seller are not allowed. Additionally, the pictures you upload of your products must display as best as possible the authenticity of the products. If you use images or texts that were created by someone else, you must have their authorization to do so.


Listing items that are counterfeit (imitate original products) is illegal and it is against The Seasoning Pantry policies. Counterfeit items, imitations, replicas and fake branded products that infringe intellectual property rights will be deleted from the online catalog and the seller account will be suspended for a determined period of time. Repeat offenders will be permanently blocked from selling on The Seasoning Pantry platform.


You may be asked to provide proof of the authenticity of your product, if your listings are flagged as suspicious by buyers or by The Seasoning Pantry team. This may include a photo of the logo, the original packaging, an authenticity code or any other relevant information that would establish the authenticity of your items.


Avoid unwanted attention from law enforcement, The Seasoning Pantry team and your buyers and do not list items on our platform that do not meet the authenticity criteria mentioned above. Do not violate intellectual property laws by selling items that are not genuine.


General rules


Seller safety

It is The Seasoning Pantry’s priority to make sure that you, as a seller, have all the support you need from our team and that your information is safe with us.

When a buyer purchases one of your products on our platform, we use safety measures against fraud, by keeping track of any suspicious financial activities on the buyer’s part. 

We provide secure money transfers into your Stripe account.

Your financial and banking information is safely stored by The Seasoning Pantry and will never be revealed by The Seasoning Pantry to any buyer or third party, unless you specifically ask us to. We want to eliminate the risk of financial information misuse.

Our team will assist you in solving any issues that may arise during:

-       the registration as a seller

-       the listing of your products

-       the fulfillment of any orders placed on The Seasoning Pantry platform.

Our refund policy stands with you, the seller, in case a buyer’s claim for a refund appears to have no merit.


In order to have a safe and successful selling experience on The Seasoning Pantry platform, we recommend that:

-       you build a trusted seller profile: we will verify your information before signing you up on The Seasoning Pantry platform, but you should also include information about you or your company, to earn the buyers’ trust.

-       you list your products in the online catalog by using authentic pictures and descriptions. Follow the rules listed below, when listing your products. Include full pictures of the product, the label and close-ups that show the product’s authenticity.

-       you adhere to our platform’s policies of trust, honesty and friendly communication. In your direct contact with the buyers, show good communication skills and that you care for your customers. Reply in a timely and appropriate manner to their inquiries.

-       you ship the goods as quickly as possible. Use the shipping method chosen and paid for by the buyer, to avoid cancellations and refunds. A quick delivery of their bought items reinforces the buyer’s trust in you, as a seller on our platform.

-       You contact us if you need any help. You can reach us in various ways, by email or telephone, and we are always happy to help you with your situation. We reserve the right to contact you within 24 hours of the initial contact.

We frown upon any improper behavior, harassment or spam activities. We wish to be notified immediately of such actions, in order to put a stop to it.