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Black Tea

Black teas are generally stronger in flavor then other teas. Black tea is made of leaves from the Camellia sinensis. The tea contains cafeïne and a neglectable amount of calories. The antioxidants in black tea are good for body and mind.

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What is black tea?

Black tea is made from the leaves of the tea plant. The tea in general is more oxidized than other teas. This is why black teas also taste more bitter than other teas. Black tea was developed in China and compared to other teas doesn't lose its flavor over a longer period of time. Just like a lot of other teas black tea has health benefits.

How does black tea taste?

Although everyone has their own opinion about the taste of this tea. In general it has a strong and dark flavour commonly described as a light beer without the alcohol. Some black teas taste more sharp, full-bodied and others can have a smoother and softer taste. Black tea is one of the most bitter teas you can find.

Various uses of Black tea

Teas can be drunk very differently in every corner of the world. Next to drinking black tea it is also used in cooking.

How you can drink black tea

Black tea can be drunk with milk. This is a very common way to drink tea in England. Take a very strong black tea and add just a small amount of milk to give it a nice soft and smoother flavor. You can add a sweetener like sugar or honey by your liking. In India they add some milk and hot water with the tea. In the United States it is common to put a cold cup of water in the microwave to brew the tea.

Cooking with black tea

Cooking with black tea isn't that uncommon. Black tea has a very distinct flavor and therefore can add something special to your dish. Swap your water for some black tea, create an amazing smoothie with the use of black tea or even make cookies! Furthermore you can create pasta with black tea and cook meat with it. These ideas are all over the internet.

Is there caffeine in Black tea?

Yes, there is caffeine in black tea. Just about 20mg per 100 gram of loose leaf. Compared to coffee it's 50% less as a rule of thumb. However if you are looking for caffeine free tea than check out this list of caffeine free teas.

Where can I buy black tea online?

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