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Chamomile Tea

Discover our Chamomile Tea in our online marketplace. known for it's health benefits by drinking the tea. It has a calming effect and is also known for its cirsp apple taste. Making it a great tea before bedtime. Chamomile Tea is commonly not sweetened due to it's already sweet taste. 

Chamomile Loose Leaf Tea, 50g Retail Box

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Cosy Chamomile - Herbal Infusion


What is chamomile tea?

Chamomile tea is made with the chamomile flower. In general the chamomile flower is used to add it’s flavor to hot boiling water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Chamomile tea is a very common tea in many countries all over the world. Chamomile is also known to supposedly have a positive effect on certain health issues and sleep problems.

How does chamomile tea taste?

Chamomile tea has a very light taste because of its earthly and apple-like taste. The tea is also described as having a soft and floral-like flavor.

How you can drink chamomile tea

As a very popular tea because of its health benefits and sleep inducing effects there are tons of recipes and ways to drink camomile tea. From smoothies to a strong and anti-inflammatory beverage there are infinite ways to create your favorite camomile tea. Besides drinking it can also be used in various cooking recipes like a delicious cake!

Is there caffeine in chamomile tea

Camomile is a herbal tea and therefore contains no caffeine.

Where can I buy black chamomile online

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