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Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is a blend based on black tea and various spices. A typical Britisch tea flavoured with oil of the bargamot making it's unique taste. Traditionaly this tea is drunk without milk. The tea also has many health benefits. Buy Earl Grey tea online at our marketplace - The Seasoning Pantry.


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History of Earl Grey tea

Earl Grey is a well known brand amongst tea lovers. Not only has it a great unique taste it also has a specific scent to it. This has to do with the production of the tea. Ever wondered where Earl Grey was invented and who was at the cornerstone of this amazing tea?

Earl Grey is a black tea. However as an addition there is oil of bergamot added to the beverage. This gives it its uniqueness. Originated from China where most of the traditional flavoured teas come from. The tea is intended to be drunk without milk.

The earl grey blend, also known as Earl Grey’s Mixture is assumed to be named after Charles Grey. A british Prime Minister. Although the tea was mentioned earlier the first commercial references came from Charlton & Co around 1850.

In 2012 a research was done and found that in 1824 there are traces to be found to the first use of bergamot in tea. This to enhance the low quality teas.

Does Earl Grey tea contain caffeine?

Earl Grey is based on black tea. This means Earl Grey contains caffeine. However there are blends of Earl Grey which are decaffeinated.

How to make Earl Grey loose leaf tea

Simply use 8-ounce of water per teaspoon of loose leaf Earl Grey. Use a steeping basket or teapot and add your hot water. Let the Earl Grey steep for 3 minutes.

Earl Grey with cooking and baking

Earl Grey is only used for tea. It is well known and much used for other beverages as well. Think about Earl Grey cupcakes & cookies for example. Other ideas are smoothies. As many other teas Earl Grey tea can add that distinct flavour to it making your dish a bit more interesting. Otherwise to add its distinct Earl Grey scent. Keep our blog on a close watch as we keep adding recipes and other exciting ideas.

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